Medical Supplies

Sarasota Discount Pharmacy also offers a wide range of healthcare products, medical equipment and medical supplies that can help make your quality of daily living better. Listed below are some of our products that further improve home health care for patients with mobility issues and other conditions. We can also supply medical equipment for nursing homes, medical facilities and local clinics.

- Wheel Chairs.
- Canes, Crutches and Walkers.
- Lift Chair.
- Nebulizers / Compressors.
- Bath Safety Accessories (Rails, Bars, Shower Benches, etc.).
- Braces and Supports.
- Stethoscopes.
- Automatic Inflation Blood Pressure Monitor.
- Digital Blood Sugar Glucose Testing machine and Test strips.
- Digital Ear Thermometer.

Wound care
- Band-aids.
- Gauze.
- Antibiotic Ointments.
- Telfa Pads.
- Bandages.
- Dressings.
- Dakins solution.
                     We can also special order any items for next day delivery
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